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Viewletbuilder 7

ViewletBuilder’s innovative content creation process has revolutionized the way in which software is presented and demonstrated.

The history of online demos can quite
literally be divided into a pre-Viewlet era and the post-Viewlet era.

Before ViewletBuilder introduced its ground-breaking screen-capture animation process to the world in 1998, application demos tended to be lengthy movie file, which were difficult to edit and virtually impossible to update.

Today, ViewletBuilder’s patented content creation mechanism allows users to take a series of completely editable screen captures that are then animated to produce a flawless Flash simulation.



Why Viewlets?

Why Viewlets?

  • Increased Productivity: Create high-impact online presentations quickly with minimal effort.
  • Optimized Business Planning: Capture valuable statistics that help reveal customer preferences and target markets.
  • Wise Use of Valuable Manpower and Resources: Use feedback and scoring statistics to measure the effectiveness of your content and tailor your focus to only where it is needed.
  • Flexibility: Make the most out of Qarbon’s multi-platform support and design your systems environment as you like.
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI): Take advantage of Qarbon’s Inexpensive Excellence, a high-quality offering at lower cost.